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I am currently experiencing first hand, the underhand & dishonest business tactics that The NEXT GENERATION MEDIA GROUP use to obtain money.

I was approached in May 10 (2 years ago) to advertise the "˜Wake facilities' we offer in our restaurant in our local "˜registration service guide' which I was told, would be supplied to all local registry offices, and that it would be on display to every person registering a death.

It took close to 8 months to get the publication printed, And through the past two years I have not had a single phone call regarding the advert I placed.

In May This year, I received a invoice to close to £600 for the next two years in this publication, Which I never agreed to, when I contacted Next Generation Media they told me that in very small print in the "˜contract I signed' it stated that unless I gave 12 months written notice, they would automatically re-new my agreement.

1. We were never given a copy of the contract the agent asked us to sign a booking form which he had the top part covered and he said he would send us a copy with the proof.

2. We never received a copy and after many requests they finally sent us a copy 2 months ago, we were stunned to find they had conned us.

Their agent knew from day 1 that we would try their publication just once and that is why he covered the top of the "˜booking form' and never left us a copy.

We have reported them to Chris Prime at Citizens consumer advice who wants all the information from us and also if any one has a similar story, he would like their details , to put together a case for trading standards, because of the miss selling

We have no intention of paying as we feel we have given them adequate notice and feel they have suffered no loss. They offered us a full page for the same fee but I am fed up of big companies conning small business' (as well as not receiving one enquiry)

Looking at all the online complaints this company must earn more from hoodwinking rather than providing a good honest service.

If any one wishes to discuss, please call me on 01279 730549


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