We took out a 2year contract with next generation media Ltd based in Cheshire in 2007. For our company to be advertised in the Birmingham Registry Office.

They stated "That their systems will provide you with an opportunity of promoting your company, products and services in a visual format on their plasma/LCD screens. But to our surprise, we have never ever received any calls or enquiries from one single a customer.

We forked out 800.00 for this rubbish advertisement and now they have the audacity to tell us that because we did not cancel the contract in the first 12months we have being rolled over for another 3/4 contract. When we contacted all the other companies to our surprise again we fund out that they themselves never received any calls from their adverts and some of them paid up-to 2,000.00.

SO THIS IS A WARNING TO ALL BUSINESS IN THE UK, DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS COMPANY "Next Generation Media Ltd". It will cost you very dearly and make another company RICH!

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